My Top 5 Favorite Resources For KILLING Organic Chemistry!

Organic Chemistry is a class that almost all pre-med students dread, however, I actually found it to be fun and intellectually stimulating.

I was very fortunate to have mentors and older students guide me along the way, and here are some takeaways that I want to share with you!

5) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of my FAVORITE resources to use for any class because it is thorough, super organized, and FREE. The Organic Chemistry section covers most of the topics covered in OChem 1, which is essential for building a strong foundation for more difficult concepts.

4) Organic Chemistry Tutor on Youtube

Similar to Khan Academy, the Organic Chemistry Tutor was one of my favorite resources when I took the class. His videos even cover concepts from OChem 2 and his explanations are very easy to understand. Oftentimes professors in college may teach in a different style than you are accustomed to, or they might just be subpar, so these online resources can be a lifesaver!

3) Molecular Model Kit

If you are a visual learner like me, organic chemistry can be very frustrating because it is difficult to picture mentally. I had a model kit which helped me visualize structures and bonds and solidified theoretical concepts that were difficult to contextualize. I highly recommend this for OChem 1 since it is instrumental in developing a solid foundation!

2) Study Halls/TAs

One highly underrated resource are your TAs! Teaching Assistants are a cheat code because they have literally aced the class that you are taking; this means they know exactly what you need to do to get an A. Additionally, they are constantly communicating with the professor, so they know what topics are emphasized!

1) Pick The Right Professor!

I've mentioned this before, but one of the easiest ways to improve your grades is by picking the correct professor. Even at the same school, teachers can present information in WILDLY different ways. This can have a huge impact on the amount of time, effort, and success you can have in a class!

*Obviously hard work can lead to success with any professor, but when balancing a multitude of activities, I still think getting a mentors perspective is invaluable.